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Welcome to the SC2004 Tutorials Program Web Site!
SC conference tutorials are a highlight of the technical program and a key reason for many people to attend the conference. SC tutorials provide attendees with opportunities to learn from, and interact with, internationally recognized experts on a wide variety of topics related to high performance computing, communication and storage.

This year’s tutorials cover an exciting mixture of popular past topics and interesting new ones chosen from an exceptionally competitive field of proposals. As is customary, we offer both full- and half-day tutorials ---17 full day and 6 half day--- for a total of 23 tutorials to choose from. A One- or Two-day Tutorial Passport allows attendees flexibility to attend multiple tutorials. In response to past interest, we are again offering a selection of “hands-on” tutorials. Please note that some of these rely on user-supplied laptops for the hands-on portion of the tutorial.

A major innovation this year is in the treatment of tutorial notes. As in the past, hard-copy notes will be made available to all tutorial registrants. However, instead of selling additional copies of the notes, we will make all tutorial notes available on a single CD sold at the conference store. Be sure to take advantage of this innovation when you register or visit the store during the conference.

Many thanks are due to the members of the Tutorials Committee (whose names appear at the bottom of this page) and to the Program Committee, who worked so hard to bring this year’s tutorial program together. Thanks, too, to all the presenters who have created such an exciting program. Join us!

SC2004 Tutorials Committee
Vice Chair, Fred Johnson, DOE Office of Science, Chair
Deputy Chair, Eric Greenwade, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Randy Bramley, Indiana University
Candy Culhane, National Security Agency
Scott Denham, IBM
Brent Gorda, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Debbie Gracio, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kei Hiraki, University of Tokyo
Ricky Kendall, DOE Ames Laboratory
Tim Leite, Visual Numerics, Inc.
Bob Lucas, Information Sciences Institute
John Mellor-Crummey, Rice University
Bertrand Meltz, CEA, France
Rod Oldehoeft, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Beth Plale, Indiana University
Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory
Stephen L. Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lauren Smith, National Security Agency
John Sopka, Sun Microsystems
Niraj Srivastava, Hewlett-Packard Company
Scott Studham, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sheila Vaida, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Harvey Wasserman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keven Wohlever, Ohio Supercomputer Center
Patrick Worley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Questions ? Please send email to: tutorials04@sc-conference.org

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