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Technical Papers

The SC2004 Technical Paper program is the industry’s premier forum for disseminating innovative and important advances in high-performance computing, networking, and storage from academic, government, and corporate institutions world wide. Fifty-nine papers have been selected for presentation from 192 submissions contributed by 665 authors. The Technical Papers program spans theory, practice, modeling, experimentation, infrastructure, and application of high performance computing, advanced networking, innovative storage solutions, systems engineering and grid technologies. The papers are presented in twenty sessions over three days.

Awards are given for best technical paper and best student paper. In all, six papers are candidates for best technical paper and twelve for best student paper (69 submitted, 23 accepted). The nominated papers are marked within the program. The Technical Papers program also highlights four Gordon Bell Prize finalist papers (from 16 submissions). These papers will be presented in the “Extreme Performance” and “Emerging Architectures” sessions on Wednesday afternoon. The finalist papers are marked within the program.

The Technical Papers program is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of hours of individual and group efforts. Special thanks to the Technical Papers Committee, listed below. The quality of the program is a testament to their commitment to the paper review process. The Area Chairs deserve special note, as the process would not have worked without them. In addition to the committee, 244 external referees contributed their time and expertise. Thanks, too, to the SC2004 Technical Program Committee and other conference committees that support the technical papers program in myriad ways. And of course, our deepest thanks to the authors for contributing to an exceptional program.

We welcome your participation in the SC2004 Technical Papers program.

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Jeff Kuehn, SC2004 Technical Papers Co-Chair
Jack Dongarra, SC2004 Technical Papers Co-Chair

Questions? Please send email to: papers04@sc-conference.org.

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