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Masterworks are invited presentations that highlight novel and innovative ways of applying advanced computing and communications technology to solve challenging, real-world problems. Cars, boats, grids, flicks, and fat pipes are just some of the topics Masterworks cover this year.

Supercomputing goes to the movies!  Come see how all the HPC technologies you've been researching for years have been put to use to keep you and your family entertained in two of the latest Hollywood mega-hits.

The automobile and oil industries were two of the earliest commercial adopters of HPC. Two sessions will focus on each of these industries. In the automotive session, you get up-to-the-minute info on how these huge manufacturers are using the latest technologies, and what they want from future systems. In the second session, you will hear about the latest innovations in HPC use in the oil industry including how oil and gas exploration companies are now putting supercomputers on ships to help them locate new petroleum sources.

Designing and buying HPC systems have become so complex, that it takes HPC resources just to get to the next generation of HPC designed and purchased. In two sessions we will hear about this trend. The first of these two sessions will show how grid technology helps reduce costs and improve productivity in electronic design automation. In the second session will describe two quantitative models for improved HPC acquisition decision-making, and how sometimes it takes an HPC system to solve the optimization problem to decide what HPC system to buy!

In keeping with the SC’04 theme about data movement and storage, two Masterworks sessions will focus on infrastructure for data intensive workloads.  One will showcase a new dedicated high-bandwidth optical pipe implementation and how this technology can fundamentally change distributed systems and applications design.  The other will focus on data management for weather and climate forecasting.

Few topics can be more important than applying high technology to improve Homeland Security.  A session will show you how leading researchers are approaching this challenging area.

Masterworks presentations are in room 303-305, on the southeast side of the convention center. We hope to see you there for what promises to be a great program.

Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth, SC2004 Masterworks Co-Chair
Harvey Wasserman, SC2004 Masterworks Co-Chair

Questions? Please send email to masterworks04@sc-conference.org.

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