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Invited Speakers

Keynote Address
Kicking off the technical portion of the program on Tuesday, November 9, will be Tom West, President and CEO of National LambdaRail, Inc., a national effort comprised of members and associates from across the country focused on implementing and operating a national network infrastructure to serve the needs of the advanced research community. His talk is titled NLR: Providing the Nationwide Network Infrastructure for Network and “Big Science” Research. He will discuss how NLR came into being, what it is comprised of, and how it is being initially used.
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Invited Speakers
This year’s invited speakers include the world’s leaders in high performance computing systems representing a cross section of the growing HPC community. It is important to explore both the diversity of the HPC community, along with the potential for expanded opportunities as we look to the future. In this context, invited speakers will describe the applications of HPC systems for national security, industrial, genomics, and renaissance communities. Traditional HPC is going through a significant phase change driven in part by major technology innovations and growing accessibility of HPC capability.

Charles J. Holland, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology, will speak on “High Performance Computing in Context.” His talk will examine high performance computing in a broader context, discussing the “spheres of influence” that are expected to shape the future of this field.

Stan Ahalt, Executive Director of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, will speak on “Towards a High Performance Computing Economy.” Ahalt will address the questions: can HPC be realistically viewed as one of the critical economic drivers for our future?  Is this view of HPC realistic?  Is it realizable? 

Gane Ka-Shu Wong, Associate Director of Beijing Institute of Genomics, will discuss “Computing Opportunities in the Era of Abundant Biological Data.” Wong will show examples of where high power computing is used in biology, past present and future. Then, to put it all in perspective, he will discuss how genomes evolve.

Dr. Daniel A. Reed, Director, Renaissance Computing Institute Duke, UNC and NCSU. Reed’s talk, entitled “Computing - An Intellectual Lever for Multidisciplinary Discovery,” will describe emerging opportunities in the arts, humanities, science and engineering where interdisciplinary Renaissance approaches can have profound impact on discovery and creative expression.

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