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Education Program

The theme of this year’s education program is “A K-20 Comprehensive Educational Agenda for High Performance Computing.” The program will focus on undergraduate/graduate faculty and K-12 teachers creating and using local computational science “infrastructures” at their schools and institutions. This year’s program will also introduce the Technology Integration Leadership Program (TILP).

In a practice-oriented workshop format, participants will study how to apply high performance computing tools and resources across the curriculum in their specific teaching situations and/or research interests as well as how to integrate modeling and visualization techniques into their classroom instruction. Computational scientists will support participants as they identify appropriate tools for the subjects and curricula they teach and the instructional strategies they use. Special emphasis will be given to using high performance computing to promote collaborative learning strategies. Ideas and materials generated during the conference session/workshops will be published via the WEB and maintained for future use by other interested persons. Finally, a follow-up yearlong program of workshops, mentoring and resource support will be available to assist participants as they apply these new ideas into their professional practice.

Workshop Tracks
The program will include two tracks: 1) Instructional; and 2) Technology Integration Leadership Program.

Track 1-Instructional is divided into two parts, “Beginning” and “Advanced,” to accommodate the diverse needs among participants. The beginning and advanced tracks will include review of existing materials as well as development of new curriculum modules appropriate for classroom instruction.

Track 2 - Technology Integration Leadership will focus on higher education Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and/or Directors of Teaching and Learning Centers (DTLCs) interested in the potentials, applications, and implementations of high performance computing.

Team Composition
Track 1-Instructional: Teams should consist of two, university faculty (preferably one undergraduate and one graduate), two K-12 teachers, and one undergraduate student majoring in a relevant or related field. The application process for this track is closed.

Track 2- Technology Integration Leadership Program: Team participants must be the Chief Information Officer or Director of a teaching and learning center (faculty development) at a participating team’s university. The application process for this track is closed.

All teachers working with K-20 students, CIOs, and DTLCs are encouraged to apply for the program. Additionally, Track 1-Instructional university team members are urged to inform their respective CIOs and/or DTLCs of their plans to attend and encourage them to participate in the Technology Integration Leadership Program and vice-versa.

While no previous experience with computational science is necessary, some successful uses of classroom computing will be helpful, as will a keen interest in maximizing students’ learning achievements using the latest ideas to apply computing technologies to education. The team application process is closed.

Scientists and educators interested in participating as content experts and mentors to these teachers and college educators are encouraged to contact the education committee at the email address below.

Questions: education04@sc-conference.org

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