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The SC conference series has a proud tradition of reaching out to faculty and students, providing opportunities through formal training sessions, meetings and volunteer programs. The SC2004 conference in Pittsburgh will offer the following educational outreach programs:

The Education Program: Follow this link to learn more about the SC2004 Education Program which engages undergraduate faculty and K-12 teachers in four days of hands-on workshops to learn about high performance computing and communications tools and resources appropriate for their classroom. The participants selected to participate in this program will learn about approaches to using modeling and visualization in the classroom, including numerical modeling, algebraic modeling, dynamic modeling systems, and agent modeling. The Education Program runs November 6 -9 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. The deadline for applications is closed, but there will be other opportunities for educators to participate in similar programs through the National Computational Science Institute.

The program will include two tracks: 1) Instructional; and 2) Technology Integration Leadership Program.

Track 1-Instructional is divided into two parts, “Beginning” and “Advanced,“ to accommodate the diverse needs among participants. The beginning and advanced tracks will include review of existing materials as well as development of new curriculum modules appropriate for classroom instruction.
Track 2 - Technology Integration Leadership will focus on higher education Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and/or Directors of Teaching and Learning Centers (DTLCs) interested in the potentials, applications, and implementations of high performance computing. The application process for this track is closed

Student Days Program: This is the third year of the Student Days program. The SC2004 Student Days component complements the Conference and runs Monday, 8 November and Tuesday, 9 November. (Room 411)

Student Volunteers: This program supports undergraduate and graduate students who volunteer to help with various aspects of the conference, including the Education Program, SCinet, media relations, exhibit setup and a host of other functions.

Questions? Please send email to education04@sc-conference.org.

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